HB1800 Efficient Semi-Automatic Welding H Beam Production Line
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HB1800 Efficient Semi-Automatic Welding H Beam Production Line


This HB1800 Semi-Automatic Welding I Beam Manufacture line is for producing welding H Beam of medium and large size, in the form of individual machines.

The merit with it is:

   1) Flexible arrangement on model& quantity of machine;

   2) Maneuverable layout of these welding H Beam production equipment;

   3) Low and phased investment--- Customer can make purchase on these equipment either with one time

      done, or set by set from the most urgent one. This can relieve financial pressure to a large degree


For introduction of this HB1800 welding I Beam Manufacture line, we will cover topics of:

    1) Equipment constitutes (Including Auxiliary equipment)

    2) Operator

    3) Equipment size and land occupation

    4) Installation

    5) Put into use


   1. Equipment constitutes (Including Auxiliary equipment)

The HB1800 efficient I Beam Manufacture Equipment should cover process technology from plate cut to H Beam straightening. To be specific,

    1) Plate Cutting: One set of Strip/CNC Plate Cutting machine, suggested span is 4m. Since it is a general

       -purpose equipment, and not confined to H Beam production, it is not a typical I Beam Manufacture


     2) H Beam Assembly and Tack Welding: One set of Z18 H Beam Assembly and Tack Welding machine. With

       this equipment we recommend automatic style, of flange &web self-alignment, and equipped with 2 sets of

       CO2 Welding power source;

     3) H Beam Submerged Arc Welding: One set of LHA5Z center-control Gantry Welding machine, or one set of

       LHA5C side-control Gantry Welding machine, or one set of LHT T type SAW machine. Here we suggest LHA5Z

       center-control, or LHT, which needs only one operator;

     4) H Beam Straightening: One set of mechanical HYJ-40 or HYJ-800 can meet the demand, if flange thickness

       does not exceed 40mm. Considering straightening speed, we recommend HYJ-40, which has 9m/min. 

      straightening speed compared with 17m/min. of HYJ-800, and matches with the preceding steps of H Beam 

      assembly and SAW welding;

     5) Support Equipment: 2 sets of travelling crane, with at least 5Ton loading capacity


   2. Operator

    1) With the automatic equipment in Assembly and SAW as we suggested, the operators for this line of HB1800

       Semi-Automatic I Beam Manufacture equipment should be 4+1, which means one operator each machine, and

      one operator for back up, assistant and support;

     2) Operators of automatic Assembly machine and SAW should command medium-level welding knowledge and


   3. Equipment size and land occupation

    1) Plate cutting machine:         4.5m W x 1.5m H x 15m L;

    2) Z18 Assembly machine:        3.5m W x 5m H x 25m L;

    3) LHA5Z SAW machine:          5.5m W x 2.5m H x 18m L;

    4)  HYJ-40 Straightening machine:  2.5m W x 1.5m H x 22m L;

    5) The above size does not include consideration on supplementary units, such as hydraulic station, welding 

       power source, etc. For welding power source of LHA it is put on the platform overhead, and does not occupy

      land area;

    6) In general, excluding plate cutting machine, for deployment of HB1800 semi-automatic H Beam Production 

       Equipment with saw welder, it needs one span (11m width) of workshop with 80m~ 100m length.


   4. Installation

    1) Foundation of equipment of HB1800 semi-automatic efficient H Beam Production Line does not need time-

       consuming pit digging, cement pouring & curing process;

    2) Just fit the conveyors of these equipment onto workshop floor with expansion bolts and make levelness;

    3) In total, it takes 3 working days to have the above-mentioned equipment putting into plate, installed and

      levelled, and powered on;

    4) We will dispatch technician on site to do the installation & commissioning process. Meanwhile, customer 

        should give support in this process in terms of tool, power, facility readiness, etc.

   5. Put into use

    1) At completion of installation& commissioning of HB1800 efficient welding I Beam manufacture Line, it is 

       ready for trial run;

    2) Trial run should have period of one week, to check:

       - Safety precaution;

       - Working condition of each equipment;

       - Coordination& WIP transfer among the equipment;

       - Operator familiarity;

       - Quality assurance etc.;

   3) It is suggested that customer make documents of

     - PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis);

     - Control Plan;

     - Work Instruction;

     - Inspection Check List

Of these equipment at the completion of trial run; Review these documents periodically, and have update on it with continuous improvement ideology.


Below are specifications of this HB1800 Semi-Automatic High Capacity H Beam Production Equipment:


HB1800 Semi- Automatic H Beam Production Line

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6∽40  (Special thickness of   40~80mm also available)

H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

H Beam Assembly

Z18 H Beam Assembly with Tack Welding machine

H Beam Welding

LHA5Z, or LHA5C, or LHT

Flange and or H Beam Lengthways   Straightening

HYJ-40 mechanical H Beam Straightening machine

Transfer of H Beam workpiece among   stations

Travel crane





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