Double Table Top Fixture Type Horizontal Welding Positioner
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Double Table Top Fixture Type Horizontal Welding Positioner


This double table top fixture type welding positioner originates its name from appearance looking like a set of fixture. In fact, it can be viewed a fixture equipped with motor reducer. At some facilities (such as cab plant, or operator station facilities) welding fixture of such structure is used for manual welding.


In principle, this fixture type welding positioner is similar as the previous “Double Table Top Universal Welding Positioner”:

   1)  One degree of freedom, that workpiece can revolve around the shaft joining the two ends;

   2)  0°~360° revolve with persistent or changing speed;

   3)  One side is drive, the other following

On the other side, there are many differences with this fixture type double Table Top Welding Positioner:


   1) As can be seen, it “weakens” design of the two work tables at both ends into more like two brackets;

   2) It “enhances” design on the connecting unit joining the two ends. Actually, the most important section of

       this fixture type weld positioner is its middle part of connecting unit, which is the genuine worktable of this

       fixture type double table top weld positioner, serving as holding unit of the workpiece. Due to its orientation

       of horizontal direction, we can call this type of equipment as fixture type horizontal welding positioner;

    3) With several pieces of quick pliers deployed on the holding unit, the workpiece can be positioned into place

       and secured firmly within seconds. This is one of its advantages of easy fit-up;

    4) Besides, another merit with this kind of horizontal fixture type welding positioner is the holding unit can have

        both sides clamped with workpiece. So, two pieces of workpiece can be welded at the same time;

    5) The 3rd strong point with this double table top fixture type weld positioner is its holding unit, which is actually

        work table,has lower level of height, which is a good point for operator to perform welding job;

    6) The design on location of pliers on the holding unit allows for different structures of workpiece can be 

       fixed onto this fixture type horizontal weld positioner;

    7) So long as length of the workpiece is less than length of the holding unit (work table), the workpieces of

       various length can be welded with this horizontal fixture type welding positioner, without the necessity of

       adjusting both ends of brackets (In facture, the two backets are fixed and are available for modulation);

    8) With these advantages, this horizontal fixture type weld positioner has wide application at Vehicle / 

      Construction machinery/Engineering machinery plants. It is a common production machine tool;

    9) It should be classified as special-made type. The design on both sides of brackets, and the intermediate 

     holding units, for called work table, varies on specific customer needs.


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