Do you know about Welding Manipulator?
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Do you know about Welding Manipulator?

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Do you know about Welding Manipulator?

Topic of Blog on Welding Manipulator:

1)      With the continuous optimization of electrical welding equipment, the requirement on Welding Manipulator is also changing. There are more and more models of this Welding Column and Boom;

2)      Different industries need to use similar operation racks. However, they need to be designed in many aspects during development and production. It has certain practicability. Judging from the current development of the industry, the demand on a Welding Manipulator is still very high, especially some products that can be adjusted and have better operability are very popular.

Here is the content list of this blog on the Weld Manipulator:

1.       Design requirements on a Welding Manipulator;

2.       The structure and main units of the Welding Manipulator;

3.       Does the Welding Manipulator have development prospects?

1. Design requirements on a Welding Manipulator

1)       The overall structure of the Welding Manipulator should be light, high strength, and compact, which is convenient for processing, installation, and disassembly. 

Fig1 -Welding Column and Boom -7- IMG_1300

2)       The Automatic Welding Manipulator is mainly used for structure member fixing and pipe fixing. Correspondingly, the design of any set of the Automatic Welding Column and Boom should consider how to fix the 4 space positions of the structure member fabrication, as well as the 3 space positions of the pipe fabrication.

3)       According to the requirements of the examination regulations, the barrier tube can be added or not added when the tube is connected by means circumferential welding fulfilled with Welding Cross Slides Column and Boom, and the barrier tube position is cross or straight;

4)       Therefore, the design of the Multi-function Welding Manipulator should fully consider the installation position and detachability of the barrier tube, for the Cross Slides Column and Boom;

5)       Argon filling protection is required for the inside of the alloy tube during argon arc welding;

6)       Therefore, the design of the Cross Slides Welding Manipulator should consider how to fill the tube with argon, and how to seal and prevent diffusion.

2. The Structure Main Units of the Welding Manipulator

1)       The main body of the Welding Manipulator is composed of a base, a pillar, an adjustable plate, and cross slides. The first three parts are fixed by welding, and the cross and the adjustable plate are fixed by bolts. The main functions and design requirements of the Welding Manipulator are as follows;

2)       The gravity center of the entire Welding Manipulator of the base, the main body is steel plate, which is used to stabilize the welding Manipulator, so the base needs a certain weight to avoid the accident of tilting and overturning due to the excessive loading weight of the weldment after the installation of the weldment;

3)       The pillar supports the entire Welding Column and Boom, and the main body is a steel pipe. The purpose is to fix the weldment at a certain height and facilitate welding.

4)       The adjustable plate is located on the upper part of the Welding Cross Slides Column and Boom, the main body is a steel plate processed as required, and there are detachable holes for fixing to facilitate the installation of weldments in different spatial positions.

3. Does the Automatic Welding Column and Boom have Development Prospects?

1)       From a long term perspective, as long as the industry needs to use metal and various specifications of pipes/ tubes/ tanks, the product family of Cross Slides Welding Manipulator will be used;

2)       The quality of welding directly affects the overall quality of the welding manipulator, and the practicality of the operation frame will also lead to the speed of product production;

3)       For this reason, with the continuous changes of society, as long as it can keep up with the market demand, the operating rack of Automatic Welding Manipulator (Welding Cross Slides Column and Boom) is definitely in demand by the market, so the overall development prospects of this Welding Equipment are quite good and it is worth investing in;

Summary of this Blog on Welding Manipulator:

The development history of welding manipulators and other Welding Equipment such as Welding Positioner and Welding Rotator reflects the progress and development of the world. If you want to know more, please pay a visit to the corresponding product sections.


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