DX3040 High Speed H Beam End Face Milling Machine
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DX3040 High Speed H Beam End Face Milling Machine


Same as DX3030, the DX3040 is another frequent-used heavy-duty model in DX-series Welding Structure End Face Milling Machine. The difference between these two models lies in width of workpiece that can be end faced (Horizontal stroke).

1.     Applicable Range of DX3040 H Beam End Face Milling Machine:

1)       Attached 2nd and 3rd photos indicate applicative workpieces in DX30xx H Beam End Facing Machine: Large diameter (1.5m~ 3m) pipe structure members. So, you can call this equipment as Pipe End Face Milling Machine;

2)       On the other hand, the machine is fitting for machining workpieces with square/ rectangular cross section shape, for example BOX Beam/ H Beam, etc., instead of cross section of round shape (Pipe/ Tube). The reason: During work, under the drive of A.C. motor and controlled with A.C. inverter, milling head travels in either straight forward& backward along horizontal direction, or straight up& down along vertical direction, fulfilling end face milling along straight and right angle trace. So, in DX3040 I Beam End Face Milling Machine, during end milling on pipe/ tube, operator should take care facer blade setting and adjustment with full attention, to acquire ideal finished quality on pipe/ tube structure members;

3)       If you hope to have relative easy end milling jobs on pipe/ tube structure members, you may need to introduce CNC for machine control--- Please check product section of “DX3040 CNC Pipe End Face Milling Machine”.

2. Several Technical Features of DX3040 Welding Structure End Face Milling Machine:

1)       As its product name implies, this universal I Beam End Facing Machine can be used for end face milling on H Beam, but not confined to such kind of workpiece. Section steels of any kinds of cross shape can all have its end face milled with this equipment. Please check attached photos, which shows a heteromorphic shape of steel structure workpiece, and a piece of tank structure member was being processed in the machine. This is the reason this Pipe End Face Milling Machine can be described as “general purpose” or “universal”;

2)       As the 1st /2nd /3rd photos indicate, in medium large model DX3040 Tube End Face Milling Machine, operating panel is in the form of standing type installed on the machine elevating stand, instead of the overhang fixed height type in smaller models below DX20xx. Please check product section of “DX1530 H Beam End Facing Machine” to make comparison;

3)       In large vertical stroke of DX3040 Pipe End Face Milling Machine, elevation of milling head is transmitted with heavy-duty trapezoidal leadscrew nut couple, and supported with counterweight, featuring in smooth and reliable transmission;

4)       Please check the 4th photo. There are manual lubricating pumps on both column horizontal and milling carriage vertical movement, rendering best lubrication and maintenance on both directions precise linear guiderails.

3. Brand & Supplier of Main units in DX3040 Welding Structure End Face Milling Machine:

1)       Machine body of integral welding and heat-treated structure: Wuxi JACK;

2)       Work table with beam clamp: Wuxi JACK;

3)       Milling head: Taiwan made 7.5kW, E-LONG MU-6S type, or Chinese mainland HengBei brand; The milling head can adjust angle from -45° to 45° in vertical surface;

4)       Inverter for control horizontal and vertical milling speed: Mitsubishi;

5)       Horizontal and vertical linear guideway: Taiwan Hiwin or ABBA;

6)       Electrical element (Air breaker/ Contactor/ Relay): Siemens, or Schneider;

7)       Reducer: Chinese mainland Wunan, or Taiwan Chengbang reducer BRUCO;

8)       Hydraulic system: Chinese mainland Ningbo ChuangLi

9)       The facing blade bed of DX3040 Pipe End Face Milling Machine is of standard type, which is available on the market. The facing blade is made of carbide alloy steel.

4. Technical Parameters:

Below are parameters of DX3040 Pipe End Face Milling Machine (H Beam End Facing Machine):

Technical   parameter

DX3040 Welding Structure End Face Milling Machine

Suitable Workpiece   Cross Section Height

3000 (mm)

Suitable Workpiece   Cross Section Width

4000 (mm)

Facing Head Power

7.5 KW

Workpiece Width Horizontal   End Facing Speed

80 ∼ 600mm/min Inverter Control

Workpiece Height Vertical   Facing Speed

80∼ 600mm/min Inverter Control

Column and   Milling Carriage Idle Speed

1200 mm/min.

Facing Head   Spindle Rotation Speed

75-420rpm, 6 grades

Angle of Facing Head   along Vertical Surface


Facing Head   Spindle Stroke

L = 100mm

Cutter Head   Diameter

Ø125­­~250 mm

Workpiece Width Horizontal   Driving Motor

2.5 kW

Workpiece Width Vertical   Driving Motor

3 kW



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