Classification of Welding Rotator
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Classification of Welding Rotator

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Classification of Welding Rotator

A welding rotator refers to a device that drives the circular and simple weldment to rotate utilizing the friction between the weldment and the active roller. Self-adjusting welding rotator The self-adjusting welding rotator is suitable for the welding of round cylinders and can be adjusted according to the size of the cylinder. There are a variety of specifications for users to choose from, and the large tonnage can be designed and manufactured on behalf of the customer.

Adjustable welding rotator The adjustable welding rotator has three types: manual screw adjustable, manual bolt displacement, and electric skateboard displacement. By adjusting the center distance of the welding rotators, it is suitable for cylinders of different diameters.


Here is the content list:

1. What is a self-adjusting welding rotator?

2. What is an adjustable welding rotator?

3. What is the wide wheel welding rotator?


1. What is a self-adjusting welding rotator?

The adjustable welding rotator consists of two sets of main and auxiliary machines, namely, the active welding rotator and the passive welding rotator self-adjusting series of active and passive frames each have four rollers. The welding rotators are made of an inner iron core and an outer rubber structure. Durable, no vibration during use. The operation of the active welding rotator is synchronously driven by the speed-regulating motor through three worm gearboxes, and the Sichuan speed-regulating controller realizes step-less speed change. The mechanical transmission noise is low, the workpiece rotation is stable, and the workpiece rotation linear speed is 5-70m/h (infinitely variable speed). Each group of clamp-shaped holders automatically adjusts within a certain range of the workpiece diameter. At the minimum diameter, each group of clamp-shaped frames The lower wheels of the welding rotator are on the same horizontal line (welding rotators of different tonnages have different working ranges). The working range of the welding rotator of each tonnage shall not exceed the maximum diameter size.


2. What is an adjustable welding rotator?

An adjustable welding rotator is a displacement machine that drives the weldment to rotate with the help of the friction between the active roller and the weldment. Only one roller part of the adjustable welding rotator is the active roller part, and the other is the driven roller part. The driving device adopts a variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the roller part is dragged through a reducer, and the weldment is driven to perform welding rotation. The adjustment of the distance between the roller parts in each welding rotator is done manually, and according to the weldment conditions, using positioning bolts.


3. What is the wide wheel welding rotator?

The wide wheel welding rotator is designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements. The rollers are divided into self-adjusting/adjustable welding rotators. The imported frequency converter realizes step-less speed regulation, wide speed range, large starting torque, high precision, low transmission noise, and stable working rotation. The manual control box is simple and reliable to operate and has a linkage interface in the electric control cabinet, which can be connected with the operating machine control system to realize linkage operation. The welding rotator is widely used for manual welding and automatic welding of non-ferrous metal cylinders.


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